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With an open kitchen, and an open atmosphere, linuxcaffe is a friendly neighborhood coffee shop serving fairly traded organic coffees and simple healthy foods. linuxcaffe is also a unique internet cafe with free WiFi, linux laptop rentals, computer support services, and is a good source of the latest Free Software CDs. It is a cultural crossroads and has become the defacto home of Open Source Software in Toronto.

Linuxcaffe Thanksgiving hours

CLOSED in Sunday,
OPEN again on Monday


An artists collaborative gathers at linuxcaffe on St Valentines day to celebrate the mysteries of Love.

Love exibit

Gabriel Muno Halloween Jam at Linuxcaffe

Gabiel Munro

As a special treat, Gabriel and friends will be playing a spooky special on the Hallowed eve. Join us for a warm and sweet evening.

Toronto 10.10 Maverick Launch Party!

Linuxcaffe is hosting a release party for ubuntu's latest linux distribution;

Maverick Meerkat

(also known as 10.10) between 5pm and 8pm this Sunday.

ubuntu Mavrick

There will be snacks and stickers, friendly geeks with free CDs. If you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, or you wanted some help installing ubuntu, or you felt like helping some folks understand ubuntu systems, or just felt like hangin' with the gang and representin', see you Sunday afternoon!

TCU Bicycle Service Station @ linuxcaffe

CFG service station

Thursday Sept 30, frpm 4pm - 6:30pm,

the Toronto Cyclists Union will be setting up a "service station" on the corner of Harbord and Grace, just out front of linuxcaffe.

The Toronto Cyclists Union’s Bicycle Service Station is a chance to bring bike advocacy to the street and make the bike union more accessible to Toronto's cycling community, while providing them access to a complimentary bike safety check.

Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter visits linuxcaffe

Cooking for Geeks

We geeks are fascinated by how things work, and most of us eat, too. If you’re the innovative type who asks why just as often as what , my book, “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” will show you a new way to approach the kitchen.
Cooking for Geeks is more of a book about cooking than it is a cookbook. The book contains explanations of the science behind cooking, interviews with researchers and chefs, experiments for the reader to try, and recipes to tie it all together.
(from the website, )

Taskwarrior Blog

taskwarrior logo

This is a more or less random entry, in what I hope will be an ongoing, and at least vaguely interesting, series of informal articles (ok, blog entries) recounting my adventures in Free Software development, as a member of the development team at

Sipping Science at Linuxcaffe

Science Rendezvous


You’re invited to experience world leading science & technology, right in your own backyard!

The SR initiative is public platform to promote science awareness. SR informs. It works to engage and transform the general public from passive supporters of science and technology to active and passionate champions whom develop a basic understanding of the important role science plays in our rapidly changing world. Science Rendezvous is designed to bring science and its practitioners face-to-face with the public. Science Rendezvous strives to encourage a public understanding that science affects their daily lives and that it is a worthy educational and career path for our youth.

Coming this Saturday to linuxcaffe;

Dominique Vuvan, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, University
of Toronto, Scarborough

Topic(s) : demystifying psychology, Definitions of and Approaches to the
Scientific Method

Michelle Hilscher, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, University
of Toronto, Scarborough

Topic(s) : demystifying psychology, Definitions of and Approaches to the
Scientific Method

Dr. John Yeomans, Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto

Topic(s): Addictions (Alcohol, Opiates, Nicotine and Dopamine), or
Animals in Research (Animal Emotions and Communications) or Brain
Functions and Disease (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Narcolepsy,
Schizophrenia, Retardation)

Music by Toz - A Path Through Life Experiences

CD Release this Friday, and live performances Friday evenings in May.