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Hungry ?

Our goal is to provide simple, satisfying foods, that are healthy, fresh and reasonably priced.

  • panini
  • wrap
  • burrito
  • soup

Our suppliers must carry local product, offer good value, and be within walking distance. By visiting them often, we can offer fresher goods and by taking the little wagon, we can do it without a vehicle.


Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter visits linuxcaffe

Cooking for Geeks

We geeks are fascinated by how things work, and most of us eat, too. If you’re the innovative type who asks why just as often as what , my book, “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” will show you a new way to approach the kitchen.
Cooking for Geeks is more of a book about cooking than it is a cookbook. The book contains explanations of the science behind cooking, interviews with researchers and chefs, experiments for the reader to try, and recipes to tie it all together.
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Hows the food?

never been, hows the food? i saw you guys on the way to bowling today, and i was immidiately interested.. :)


Does your food have nuts ?

Yes ! Please be advised that both food and chairs can, and often do, contain nuts.

The Vortexian 'Lisch Breakfast

A Kevin "Vortex" McCrank creation.

This is the tastiest Breakfast I've ever come up with, it is also incredibly healthy.

Take a cereal bowl and fill it up 3/4 of the way with Granola Nut cereal (with almonds) add a handfull of peanuts. Then add half 2% Milk and half Yogurt (I like the peaches and cream variety...) and stir. Then toss a handfull of your favorite berries into the mix and enjoy!

3/4 bowl of Granola Nut cereal
1/2 cup 2% milk
1/2 cup Yogurt (your favorite flavour)
1/4 cup Peanuts (unsalted)
1/5 cup fresh berries


*Created By Kevin T. McCrank. 2005.


My experimentations with cooking

I've been experimenting with some different types of food over the past few weeks and some of my recipes have turned out great.

In particular, I'm happy with my experiments with bean stews. My skill is now such that I can throw whatever in a pot.. walk away for a while and come back to a fantastic meal.

My focus at the moment has been on simple and healthy foods.. with as little preparation and worry as possible. Skill involves "chopping that" or "making this simmer".


The Best Bagel

Where is it ? Who bakes it ?
Don't get me wrong, Greiffs (our current supplier) makes a fine bagel, but is it "the best" ? Not eveyone like a Montreal style bagel. and the bigger ones can be way too bready.



To make our healthy menu even healthier, we're offering a range of basic nutritional suppliments. They make a wholesome addition to the fresh juices or smoothies.

  • protein

You need protein! We have a full spectrum blend of protein powder from vegetarian sources.

  • spirulina

Natures superfood ! This blue-green algae is loaded with protein, clorophyl, beta-carotene and is a natural anti-oxidant and immune-system booster

  • acidophilus
  • vitamin C
  • minerals
  • cell food


Homemade soups every day; like lentil, carrot, chili and stew. In the hot summertime, we make gazpacho !

c'mon in and have a bowl !