geek chic and caffe cachet

Monday - Friday
7ish to 11ish
10ish to 11ish
10ish to 5 pm.



it took me 5 minutes to find the hours of operation
homepage needs a clear contact area with address, phone, hours

address once again top right under the logo.. and soon to be "clicky" and head to the all-in-one info page.

Yup - I second that emotion.
I also took several clicks around to find the hours of operation. I was just about to give up finding out what time you open and head to another neighbourhood place. Not to be too critical, but only after reading it in this string did I find that the address is clickable.

Is "7ish" 7am-ish or 7pm-ish?

i am a linux user self taught (50 yrs old).i have built a new pc myself , installed suse 11.0 and am having trouble getting online. i am using my ubuntu pc to contact you, is there someone at the caffe that can help me fix my new pc so i can scrap my old pc (10 yrs old ).i want to use pppoe , no matter how i try to set up my network i cannot get online with my new pc