New support pages

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We've put up a free IT support personnel listing service at
If you need technical support, you'll find some here.
If you want to offer support services, go ahead and list them here.
The service is new and evolving, so your feedback is important.
Thanks !



Hey all.

Just a quick suggestion about the new support pages... It might be worthwhile for the Consultants to list what type of OSS support they offer - eg. Custom Coding, Specific OSS packages, etc.

Just a thought.

There's room for additional information, in the consultants profile, where any other relevant skills can be detailed.
no probs.

We need to track 'em !
right now, the listed support folks are all from the Toronto area, but if others users take to the list (and why shouldn't they ?) city, region and country will be essential. I think we shouldn't put an address field, though, and let individuals convey specific location details where they will.