OpenStreetMap weekend

geek chic and caffe cachet

linuxcaffe and Richard Weait (of KWLUG fame) will be hosting the first OSM mapping weekend in North America.

17-18 February 2007, see the wiki for details.

OpenStreetMap is a Linux / FLOSS project to collect and provide Open
mapping data for everybody. There will be an introduction to
OpenStreetMap presentation both days, as well as forays to collect map
data to contribute to the project (weather permitting).

So come for the Linuxy-goodness, the mapping-geekery or both. ( the
venue serves the best hot chocolate on the planet, too! )
Expect a highly interactive event, details to follow!


I'm processing the Canadian GeoBase data into OSM (OpenStreetMap Wiki) and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on A) submitting the large resulting files B) submitting data for provinces that already have partial road data.

The geobase web site says all of the right things about openness and unrestricted access, but their license has a few "gotchas". Don't upload any data that you get from other sources to OSM without checking with the OSM talk mailing list and and OSM legal mailing list first.

Data that you collect and create yourself is cool to submit and include in OSM.

It would be wonderful if somebody with CCOG, or Geobase would take an interest in this and help remove the (probably unintended) legal encumberance.

I will not upload any more data until I've clarified this, if anyone so wishes feel free to remove the NU data (it fits exclusively inside a 'square'). I will contact Natural Resources Canada and see what their take on license compatibility is - would this be sufficient? If possible, could you point me towards the talk mailing list discussion on the issue, so that I'm not repeating what has already been researched.

Richard put on an excellent presentation, and afterwards mappers (or dragon slayers) set out into the cold (-18c) to map the neighborhood. When they returned it was amazing to see how much data they managed to collect, and how much better the "after" map looked. We've decided to do this one again, when it's a bit warmer.