Extremely local films screening in Bickford Park

geek chic and caffe cachet

Another free open-air screening in Bickford Park, across from the caffe, this time with films made by and about people in a three block radius.


featuring local films on ITALIAN/CANADIAN CULTURE including;

• Sara Angelucci’s two lyrical shorts: SEEKING GRACE , which introduces Gina, an elegant older woman walking calmly with a flower pot on her head as a representation of grace and AMERICA IL PARADISO , which layers stories from Italian mmigrants and images from Super 8 family films to address cultural history.

• Astra Burka’s zesty short film SUCCO POMODO R O , an operatic homage to the women who still perform the rite of making tomato sauce in the laneways of Little Italy.

• Karen Shenfeld’s celebratory documentary, IL GIARDINO, THE GARDENS OF LITTLE ITALY .Through intimate conversations and hands-on footage, the film reveals how, in maintaining their small but thriving gardens, immigrants to Little Italy—not all of whom are Italian—sustain their connection to their cultures of origin and transform the downtown Toronto landscape.


showed up an a gorgeous Saturday night, to sit on a blanket, under a tree, and enjoy some very fine (and extremely local) films. It was a lot of fun to see such thought provoking documentary about people we see every day. Thanks and congratulations to the filmmakers. Now.. who's next ?