genius needed

geek chic and caffe cachet

Hi There Genius! HeartBeat960 is a community gallery / shared studio / event venue located at 960 Queen Street West. It's volunteer/artist-run collective store selling music, clothing, art, etc etc etc... aside from volunteering 40 hours a week to operate the store, and making stuff to sell here, I am also helping them get with the tech by building a website, online store, and digitizing their bookkeeping... great right? I'm telling you this because I installed UBUNTU on their desktop computer, after ranting about it being the best thing ever, and it's running slower than XP was. It's only the second time I have been able to convince someone to try it. Anyhow I'm sure there is something on Google explaining why, and I could eventually figure it out... but I am hoping maybe there is a linux mastermind around that has some spare time. Sadly, I'm not able to pay you with cash... but what I can do is offer custom screen printing, handmade clothing, dog sitting, a venue for your next event, or maybe some store credit? I'm also hoping maybe you could offer some help or suggestions for a web-based POS/inventory system? That would be amazing... anyhow, if you're into it, send me an email and we'll talk! If not, thanks for your time anyhow. cheerz