geek chic and caffe cachet

With an open kitchen, and an open atmosphere, linuxcaffe is a friendly neighborhood coffee shop serving fairly traded organic coffees and simple healthy foods. linuxcaffe is also a unique internet cafe with free WiFi, linux laptop rentals, computer support services, and is a good source of the latest Free Software CDs. It is a cultural crossroads and has become the defacto home of Open Source Software in Toronto.

Openmoko in the house

The NEO Freerunner was unleashed on the public on the fourth of July and has been available only on the web, UNTIL NOW!

Buy it online at
and pick it up HERE!

HEADS UP; the various parts pf the software are UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and the unit is at this point, only suitable for geeks who know what they're doing, and who don't mind being developer/ guinea pigs.

That said, the community of developers have made amazing progress in the one month that this unit has been available. The results should be phenomenal, and ready for general consumption, soon..

The Art of Ardour; a linux audio recording workshop

The most awesome Ardour (a linux-based Digital Audio Workstation) will be explained and demonstrated by the delightful and talented Benny Powers.
If you ever wanted to run a recording studio on your linux box, you MUST attend. The is no fee to attend, but there will be a pay-what-you-can jar, to thank Mr Powers for bringing us this amazing demo.

Open Air film screening in Bickford Park

As soon as it's dark, join us for a debut screening of " Joe Emergent" by a group of young, local filmmakers and Directed by Angela Dizes.

A young artist is seduced into greatness when he receives accolades from his own future. He risks everything to become himself for a woman he meets in a cafe, who is a passionate fan of his yet unwritten works.

Afterwards we will screen MORE local short films.

Rock Opera

Rock Opera
Shazia Islam and T debut their Rock Opera, before taking it on the road. Come join us for this marvelous experiment.

DJ Tim Dee: downtempo electronic music

DJ Tim Dee

Kick off mercury retrograde at Linux Caffe! A perfect time to relax and reflect on life, DJ Tim Dee sets up a nice vibe with some of the finest deep house music on the planet.

Be Dj Mezmerized spinning creative commons ambient groove

Dj Mezmerize

This Sunday, Sam Brushett (DJ Mezmerize) will weave an ambient tapestry with sounds drawn from the Creative Commons

Fedora 9 release party

The community-based linux distribution, Fedora, is about to release version 9, and developers and enthusiasts will be having a get-together at linuxcaffe, to celebrate. Fedora is the free and open development branch of Red Hat, and it's really really good ! The party is open to anyone, so come on down and share in the revelry.

Tim Posgate & Johann Lotter live at linuxcaffe!

Tim and Johann
Wednesday May 21: Tim Posgate (banjo, vocals) and Johann Lotter (guitar, vocals) have lived in the neighborhood for ten years but only met recently at a party where they ended up picking bluegrass songs together until their host had to kick them out. Since then they have been getting together a semi regular basis to play, sing and teach each other new songs.

Toronto's best kep secret

Lisa MyStyle
According to Lisa Messina (uber talented singer/ dancer/ actor/ pilates instructor) in this weeks Now Magazine, linuxcaffe is Toronto's best kept secret, and how could someone so stylish be wrong ?

Andrew Drown - photo exhibit opening gala

The photographic works of Andrew Drown will transport us,
for the month of May,

A playground is a place we can all relate to. It is a part of our childhood, our experience. For this work, Andrew has examined the aging playground space as a means of expressing his love of texture and character brought on by the passage of time. The project also documents a cultural change taking place: playgrounds are being replaced by newer, “safer” constructions, altering the landscape of youth and of memory