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Toronto 10.10 Maverick Launch Party!

Linuxcaffe is hosting a release party for ubuntu's latest linux distribution;

Maverick Meerkat

(also known as 10.10) between 5pm and 8pm this Sunday.

ubuntu Mavrick

There will be snacks and stickers, friendly geeks with free CDs. If you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, or you wanted some help installing ubuntu, or you felt like helping some folks understand ubuntu systems, or just felt like hangin' with the gang and representin', see you Sunday afternoon!

Fedora 9 release party

The community-based linux distribution, Fedora, is about to release version 9, and developers and enthusiasts will be having a get-together at linuxcaffe, to celebrate. Fedora is the free and open development branch of Red Hat, and it's really really good ! The party is open to anyone, so come on down and share in the revelry.