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Ardour Workshop with Benny Powers

Come and learn how to use the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation over a delicious cup of coffee.

Topics included will be
*Exporting to MP3
*Soundtracking Video

and more! So come along and bring your friends. Pay What You Can, suggested donation $10



linuxcaffe is launching a series of smallish informal knowledge exchange sessions (classes, workshops, tutorials, what-have-you) on all sorts of things related to open technologies.

DIY Workshops at the Linuxcaffe

Arthur Gron will show you how to make jewelery, pins, cufflinks, from old electronics. Create fun works of art and recycle at the same time. Bring what materials you can, we have lots to spare. Course fee is $5

The Art of Ardour; a linux audio recording workshop

The most awesome Ardour (a linux-based Digital Audio Workstation) will be explained and demonstrated by the delightful and talented Benny Powers.
If you ever wanted to run a recording studio on your linux box, you MUST attend. The is no fee to attend, but there will be a pay-what-you-can jar, to thank Mr Powers for bringing us this amazing demo.

Ardour workshop, with Ben Powers


Ardour is a linux-based Digital Audio Workstation capable of professional-grade multi-track recording and post-production.

Pure Data; a real-time linux audio workshop

Dafydd Hughes and David McCallum will give a workshop on PD (Pure Data) : a real-time music and multimedia environment. I have no idea how it works, but Dafydd creates hits with it (with Feist) so it's gotta be good !

The Art of Ardour; a linux audio recording workshop

Ardour digital audio workstation
Join us Sunday afternoon as Ben Powers demonstrates some of the amazing things you can do with open source software, including ALSA, JACK Hydrogen and Ardour. Ben is working on an Ardour tutorial.

Ubuntu Workshop

Thanks Dave Sullivan for your workshop on Ubuntu and thanks to the people at the Linux Café for hosting it. Dave did the impossible; answered all our questions and kept to his agenda despite some video technical problems. In addition to learning about Ubuntu, an animal rights activist from the audience freed a Goldfish and we got to watch it swim about the desktop. If you haven't tried this just press Alt+F2 and type “free the fish” (without the quotes).

New-to-ubuntu Workshop

A delightful dozen people showed up to find out more about their favorite new operating system. We learned a lot; the install, partitioning your drive, how to install and uninstall applications, and why you should always check to make sure your demo laptop works with the projector BEFORE the workshop ;-) Thanks to Dave Sullivan, for a solid presentation, and let's do this again regularly, OK ?

MythTV Workshop

NOTICE; the location for this event has changed !
- Date: Saturday November 4th, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
- Place: Innovation Toronto, 169 Eastern Ave.
(intersection of Eastern and St. Laurence, 1 block
south of King, just west of the Don Valley).