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Toronto 10.10 Maverick Launch Party!

Linuxcaffe is hosting a release party for ubuntu's latest linux distribution;

Maverick Meerkat

(also known as 10.10) between 5pm and 8pm this Sunday.

ubuntu Mavrick

There will be snacks and stickers, friendly geeks with free CDs. If you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, or you wanted some help installing ubuntu, or you felt like helping some folks understand ubuntu systems, or just felt like hangin' with the gang and representin', see you Sunday afternoon!

Karmic Koala


Anything being planned for the Karmic Koala release in 10 days?



genius needed

Hi There Genius! HeartBeat960 is a community gallery / shared studio / event venue located at 960 Queen Street West. It's volunteer/artist-run collective store selling music, clothing, art, etc etc etc... aside from volunteering 40 hours a week to operate the store, and making stuff to sell here, I am also helping them get with the tech by building a website, online store, and digitizing their bookkeeping... great right? I'm telling you this because I installed UBUNTU on their desktop computer, after ranting about it being the best thing ever, and it's running slower than XP was.


Ubuntu Toronto Christmas Party

Excellent turnout with representation from the entire Greater Toronto Area

Special Guest Duda Nogugira from Ubuntu Brasil.

After some quick introductions we got an opportunity to salvage a Vista tainted computer and within an hour it was resurrected as a clean installed Ubuntu 7.10 . Our guest had the opportunity to help sort out a WiFi problem for a member and there was a demonstration of some of the features under development.

Ubuntu Toronto seasonal gathering

Ubuntu enthusiasts from the GTA, and beyond, will be getting together at the caffe for the holiday season
(Christmas ? Kwanza ?)
join in for a lively informal chatterfest, find out more about this amazing software, and the people who use it.

Debian Etch and Feisty Fawn

Two major linux releases came out last week, and we have them both available for burning;

After two years of development, Debian (the base of many fine distributions) released version 4.0, known as "Etch". The release was accompanied by a handful if new install disks, including the uber-potent multi-architecture net-installer.

Dell discovers what the consumer wants.

In mid February Dell in the United States opened a new sight called Dell Idea Storm http://www.dellideastorm.com/ The plan was to find out what new and innovative things the public wanted from this giant in the computer sales industry. It should have been simple.

Free CDs from a giant penguin !

ubuntu Canada team and Big Tux

Did you see a giant penguin at Yonge and Dundas Square ?
Did a fresh-faced young geek give you a CD ?

Then you have just taken part in Operation Cold Comfort; a promotional effort by Ubuntu Canada, designed to co-incide with the launch of Microsoft Vista (tm) and to tell as many people as possible about this great free alternative.

linuxcaffe gets the best present EVER !; a Kettar !

David and Kettar
Wonderful guitar maker, delightful Dad and general creative genius, Mark Kett, has given the caffe (well.. me.. actually) an incredibly awesome gift; the linuxcaffe Kettar. (a Kettar is a musical instrument shaped a lot like a guitar, but with other magical qualities infused by it's maker)

This instrument was many years in the making, and has undergone several physical and karmic conversions. It is made of Brazilian rosewood and Myrtle, and is emblazoned with a fiery fusion of the Ubuntu Canada symbol, a modest "linuxcaffe" mark, and seems to be able to absorb the love, hope and inspiration of all who hold it. (ok.. that's what I tell myself, anyways) It will be kept out in the open, ready for sharing, and I hope you'll visit soon and hear (or make) it's brilliant mellow tones ring out. I know it has magic properties, because the moment I picked it up, I could instantly play 1.618 times better !