geek chic and caffe cachet

Introduction to Ubuntu seminar a success.

Where can you go to get a semi-private tutorial about the world’s fastest growing Linux distribution, and buy a descent cup of coffee at the same time. The only place I know is the Linux Caffe, the focal point for the Linux community in Toronto.

Dave Sullivan, Consultant with Lophyte Technology Consulting delivered a solid presentation on Dapper Drake Ubuntu 6.06 .The knowledge base of the participants ranged for the well experienced to one person who had installed Ubuntu the day before. Dave wasn’t phased when answering the technical questions from the Linux veterans and the more general questions with the Ubuntu newbies. I left the seminar wanting to get home quickly to apply what I had learned.

New-to-ubuntu Workshop

A delightful dozen people showed up to find out more about their favorite new operating system. We learned a lot; the install, partitioning your drive, how to install and uninstall applications, and why you should always check to make sure your demo laptop works with the projector BEFORE the workshop ;-) Thanks to Dave Sullivan, for a solid presentation, and let's do this again regularly, OK ?

On the Iceburg, a reflection on the Linux experience

Here I am. a few years away from retirement, when most people are thinking vacation property and time shares in sunny places and I am taking on the Linux experience.

I tell people that it is like standing on an iceburg. It's big, impressive and perhaps a little scary, but the scary part is knowing that I can only see the part above the waterline. There is so much more about Linux that I just don't know anything about, yet.


Ubuntu logo
It's snowing like crazy.
Our marquee outside reads;


Into the caffe klumps a girl, maybe 17 years old. She approaches the counter awkwardly, but with an impish grin, and asks Lisa "do you know what ubuntu means ?"

Jeff Waugh visits linuxcaffe

"Head beekeeper" of the GNOME release team and a director of the GNOME Foundation", jdub hisself was in the caffe this morning munching on a fried egg sandwich and generally whipping up ubuntu enthusiasm with his mere presence.

ubuntu Breezy Badger preview released

Successor to Hoary Hedgehog, the next generation of ubuntu debian goodness is available for preview.