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System76 Ubuntu-designed laptop for sale in area

Great designed-for-ubuntu laptop for sale:

Looking to sell it and am located really close to linuxcaffe.


Dell discovers what the consumer wants.

In mid February Dell in the United States opened a new sight called Dell Idea Storm The plan was to find out what new and innovative things the public wanted from this giant in the computer sales industry. It should have been simple.

How to hibernate my laptop?

So after the theft of my brand new Macbook occurred on September 7th 2006, and after I waited for two full months for the police to give up and report it "lost", I have finally returned to the GNU/Linux platform, though not by choice. I am still paying, with interest, for the laptop that was stolen from me, while using a laptop that neither has the power nor the features of the one I purchased.

Regardless, I am using a dinky Toshiba running CentOS 4 and I cannot even get it to hibernate when I close the lid - something the Macbook did by default. I have tried everything I know how, from disabling apm and enabling acpi to messing with the /proc structure and even trying to write my own tools, though to no avail.